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Storage & Treatment

Storage and Treatments

All lots of bulbs will be checked by receipt. Per lot, a test report will be made. Tests will be done on: bulb quality – skin quality – size – rooting – development of sprouts – free from soil – quantity per crate – etc.

Because of wide experience and knowledge of storage and treatment, bulbs will be situated in a highly qualified and climatized environment.
Before lots will be ready for export, quality will be judged again, and, if necessary, all checked again.

Temperature treatments that can be applied, are:
34°C - 23°C -20°C -17°C - 9°C - 5°C -2°C.  
Desirable RV: 65% - 75%
For tulips, it is necessary to use good ventilation

After receipt, lots will be investigated on development of stage G. As soon as this stage has been reached, a period of intermediate temperature (normally 20°C) will follow. This depends per variety. After this period, precooling (9°C - 5°C -2°C) can be started. This depends on forcing purpose (forcing on boxes – full ground – water forcing) and also for which week flowerproduction is requested.
A brochure with an overview of most important forcing varieties and their flowerproduction weeks can be downloaded by this link (right click, save as).


After  receipt  of the lots, bulbs need to be stored by ca. 2°C for about 8 weeks.
Then lots will be disinfected and packed. Now lots are ready to be frozen:

  1. Longiflorums             -1,5°C
  2. Asiatics                    -2,5°C
  3. LA-hybrids                -2,5°C
  4. Orientals                  -1,5°C
  5. OT-hybrids                -1,5°C

Desirable RV: 70% - 80%
Lots will be checked on temperature in the crate, regularly.


Bulbs are already, preventively desinfected (against botrytis- dry rot, etc) and dried by the grower/supplier.
After receipt, lots wil be stored at:

  1. 20°C  (ca. 3 weeks)            early forcing
  2. 2°C -  10°C                       yearround forcing

Desirable RV: 65% - 75%


Storage of dahlia is rather simple. Lots will be stored without (too much) ventilation.
Reason is that dahlia will not dry out.
Storage by a temperature of a minimum of 9°C.